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Great Scott Gadgets puts open source tools into the hands of innovative people.

Everything we produce at Great Scott Gadgets is open source, including all our hardware designs, software, and educational content. Our goal is to enable you to do things nobody has done before. We do that by building innovative hardware and software tools and by educating the community both online and through industry events. Most importantly, we support the community by releasing all of our work under open source licenses.

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The Great Scott Gadgets Team

Michael Ossmann is the founder and CTO of Great Scott Gadgets. Michael does most of the hardware design for GSG products, and he frequently speaks about wireless communication security and other research at information security conferences around the world. Follow @michaelossmann on Twitter.

Elizabeth Hendrex is the COO and CEO of Great Scott Gadgets. She oversees the processes that are essential to running the business operations at Great Scott Gadgets. Her leadership and hands-on approach help with financial oversight, process improvements, logistics coordination, and people management. She has been an integral part of helping GSG grow since joining the team in 2016. Follow @lizsaurus on Twitter.

Taylor Streetman is the Manufacturing Engineer for Great Scott Gadgets. Taylor is an avid maker and fixer of things. A lifetime of being curious about how things work has lead Taylor on a labyrinthine course to a career in electronics. His previous careers have had him working with a wide variety of materials including wood, metal, concrete, snow, and custard. Taylor began working with electronics in earnest when he was a ski lift mechanic. Follow @_yhetti_ on Twitter.

Jacob Graves is one of our software engineers. He graduated from CU Denver with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Jacob has worked on multiple software projects such as a test panel graphical user interface for GreatFET and a framework update for greatscottgadgets.com. His latest projects include writing automation software for the Crème brûlée sous vide project that was presented at ToorCamp in June, and writing firmware for GreatFET.

Mike Walters is a software and hardware engineer, mainly working on development of software-defined radio tools. Follow @assortedhackery on Twitter.

Straithe (Brittany Postnikoff) is our open source technical community manager. She is the first point of contact for technical inquiries, GitHub issues, social media, events, and anything else related to the Great Scott Gadgets community. Outside of the lab she plays video games, cooks fancy meals, and does research on security, privacy, and robots. Follow @straithe on Twitter.

Martin Ling is an engineer who specialises in R&D projects that mix electronics design, software engineering, mathematics, and other disciplines. He is working on product development and support for GSG, particularly on tackling issues that cross multiple layers of the stack. When not working he can often be found messing about in boats.