Free Stuff, May and June 2019 - Great Scott Gadgets

Great Scott Gadgets

Free Stuff, May and June 2019

May 2019

We sent a bunch of Throwing Star LAN Tap Kits to a high school in California in May. The computer science department will use them in several classes.

June 2019

Brooklyn Research is an interdisciplinary creative space focused on technological innovation. They provide a platform for established artists, technologists, and researchers to foster engaging discourse and experimentation. One of their groups is going to use their new HackRF One to experiment with finding a way to translate satellite signals to G-Code for a printer which will deposit nutritional paste for a slime mold culture. That slime mold culture will be a pretty artifact/visualization of the satellite signal as it grows and expands based on where the nutrients have been deposited. The shape of the slime mold growth then may be used for experimenting with new antenna shapes.